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Can you get fit riding an electric bike?

Jul 05, 2018

Can you get fit riding an electric bike?

Are eBikes actually good exercise?

The word is out! Innovations in modern technology, especially in efficient energy storage in lithium-ion cells, have led to the creation of electric bicycles otherwise known as 'e bikes'. Their ability to support rider’s pedaling efforts  and their benefits to both human health and the environment has taken the cycling world by storm. Getting fit without putting too much stress on your joints in a way that is both easy and fun is no longer a distant dream. You can now ride faster, climb higher and explore farther than you would be able to on a typical bicycle without putting as much stress on your body and muscles.
While some believe that riding an ebike isn't a good method of losing weight because the bike seemingly does all the hard work for the rider, this assumption is fundamentally flawed. If anything, riding an electric bicycle can potentially lead to more health benefits. You aren't cheating yourself out of burning any extra calories by riding it and this certainly isn't an invention that would only appeal to lazy people. People who ride ebikes tend to go on longer rides than “traditional” cyclists, or otherwise wouldn’t even ride at all. Thus it can be used as a tool for losing weight and exercising. Using an electric bicycle to exercise is one of the more effective ways of getting fit because it is much easier on one’s joints than other methods of exercising. 

Why is exercise easier with an electric bicycle? 

So while you might have thought that electric bikes are only used by lazy people, that’s definitely not the case. An electric bike is the same as a traditional bike but has pedal assisting that is powered by a motor and lithium battery. This means that riding an electric bicycle still is a good form of exercise. Even though the bike has a motor, passengers are still required to pedal the bike and must determine which level of assistance best suits their driving level and desired speed. You aren't required to cheat yourself out of any exercise at all. In fact, you are actually putting less stress on your joints - specifically your knees. You can travel faster and farther with electric bicycle without putting too much strain on your body. This makes pedaling for prolonged periods of time easier than ever.  

The Health Benefits of Electric Bikes 

  • Stress Relief: Adding 30 minutes of exercise to your day has been a proven method of treating anxiety and depression. Getting outside and enjoying cruising around your neighborhood on an electric bicycle can give your mood a great boost.

  • Prevent Disease: Adding exercise to your daily routine can help prevent against the development of diabetes and certain cancers. People that exercise are less likely to experience depression and are also less like to acquire heart disease.

  • Easier On Your Joints: Pedal assisting helps to take off a lot of the stress pedaling puts on your knees. You can ride your electric bicycle for longer distances than a regular bicycle without putting as much on your muscles and body.

Do you want to cut your daily commute in half?

Riding an electric bicycle to work can mean saying goodbye to the stress of your typical daily commute. You will be able to effortlessly avoid stop and go traffic and instead enjoy cruising past all of the gridlock from the comfort of the bike line. Not only will you be avoiding traffic, you also will be adding more exercise to you daily life. 

If you're searching for a way to get fit that isn't harmful on your joints and knees, an electric bike is an excellent option to consider. The pedal assist feature can help you cruise through your world with ease and convenience.