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Buy FLX with Crypto

Dec 20, 2021

Buy FLX with Crypto

To The Moon!

As we move into the new year and continue to find even more opportunities to make your customer experience easier, we are thrilled to announce that FLX is now accepting cryptocurrency.

That's right, now you can buy an FLX eBike using some of the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin - and more!

Thanks to Coinbase integration, cryptocurrency payments are now accepted on our website in a fully decentralized way.

How does it work?

After clicking the “Complete order” button during checkout, you'll be redirected to Coinbase Commerce to complete your purchase. It's a user-friendly process, very similar to checking out with Paypal.

The aim is to provide you, our valued customers and investors, a world-class experience by improving customer buying options and internal systems.