Superhuman Bikes Latest Updates


Sep 01, 2016



In this container, we’ve sent the first 135 Attacks, 36 Roadsters and 2 Trails!

In other news:

  1. The first batch of trails will bearriving tobackers any day now, UPS has sent ship notifications for 175 of the ebikes and will send the other 15 when finished sorting. Keep an eye on our facebook page if you want to see feedback from the lucky FLX founding backers!
  2. We’ll be sending out shipment notifications if your bike is in one of these shipments. If you don’t get an email from us, please hang tight and we’ll get yours out as soon as possible.
  3. We have a few days while waiting on components for the next batch, in this time we’ll test sending a few international electrical bikes to make sure we have the processes figured out and rework our order tracking system to make sure we have all perks accounted for and don’t miss anybody’s bike!

We love you,

Team FLX

By the way, we’ve just raised prices on the website and Indiegogo as dealers are receiving their FLX bikes very soon. We don’t want to undercut our partners so there will be another increase soon! If you haven’t joined the FLX family yet, there’s still time to secure your spot in the pre-order wait list and get one of these awesome e-bikes at the lowest price it will ever be.
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