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How Do You Put This Thing Together?

Mar 27, 2020


Campaign Update:

The Babymaker campaign is heading into week two, and we have already surpassed our goal in a way we could have only dreamed of.
If you'd like to learn more about the Babymaker, or purchase your own- click here to be directed to our Indiegogo campaign page


Wondering how to assemble your Babymaker?


The Babymaker comes 90% assembled. All you have to do is mount the handlebars, front wheel, seat and pedals. If you're confident in your abilities you can follow this video. You'll be up and running faster than you could choose something on Netflix. 


Subscribe to the youtube channel if you want Rob to bring the mustache back. 


In Other News:

Local SD bike shops have officially been determined Essential Businesses and can remain open during the lockdown! Everyone has put in a massive effort working from home. We'll continue with mostly remote labor and keep our hands-on techs in the shop. 

We just hit $1.4M, please keep sharing this campaign with your friends! The more Babymakers, the more fun!


We Love You, 

Rob, Pete and Team FLX