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A Word, Not A Sentence

Aug 21, 2020

A Word, Not A Sentence


He received the news in 2018 — the kind every person dreads hearing; the kind that completely changes your life in an instant — cancer.


Michael LeCompt is a 59-year-old musician from Philadelphia who’s been rocking the drums and bass since the 80s. 

His career in music began at 17, and since then he has produced songs, records, and even had a song featured on MTV in the 90s. His love for music has brought him across the country, playing for various bands like Whitesnake, Poison and Cinderella. He’s even played at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, a well-known venue that has housed performers like Elton John, The Eagles and Bob Dylan.

After decades of pursuing his musical career, Michael’s life was turned upside down when his doctors found a large tumor that was later diagnosed as stage-four colon cancer. 

“When I got diagnosed, it was very scary. I was in the hospital for a long time because of an infection, and I almost didn’t make it,” he says.

Michael was fearful because cancer had already taken the lives of some of his loved ones.

“I’ve had a lot of people pass — my older brother and older sister,” he says.

Pictured Above (left to right): Michael LeCompt, Michael Drumm and Ed Bassmaster


Despite his diagnosis and intense treatment, LeCompt refused to give up on his music or himself.

“I had a colostomy bag, but I still played...” he says. “It was very scary, but I had a great doctor and I’m a lucky person — very lucky.”

After two years of chemotherapy treatments and radiation, Michael did the unthinkable — he beat his cancer in January 2020.

“I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago — colon cancer, stage four. I fought it. I’m cancer-free now, and taking care of myself,” he says.

Throughout his recovery, LeCompt has worked hard to stay active but he was struggling to find an activity that didn’t put too much stress on his body. Then, fate stepped in. 


After playing a gig in New Jersey in June, he met FLX team member Mike Drumm. LeCompt was already familiar with the company after seeing videos and photos online, but he was intrigued to learn more about electric bikes.

Once Drumm heard Michael’s inspirational story, he wanted to do something special for him. So, he purchased and gifted LeCompt with his very own Babymaker Beta.

At first, Michael didn’t notice the bike’s capabilities.

“I wasn’t sure what was going on with this bike because it looked like a regular bike to me,” he says.

But then he noticed it was electric, and it was game over. 

“I like that it goes by itself,” he says. 

Michael now regularly rides his FLX eBike to his weekly shows, and around the island.

“I’ll ride this whole island — 5 miles, 10 miles,” he says. “I’ll do that back and forth. You get there faster than cars down here because people have to stop at lights.”

LeCompt's love for his eBike has also led to him promoting it on and off stage.

“I’m talking about the bike all the time. I’m always riding it and people are asking about it…” he says. “I just promoted it to my friend, Ed Bassmaster (social media sensation). He rode it.”

He believes the design of the FLX Babymaker sets it apart from other brands.

“FLX.Bike is where it’s at,” he says. “This is an innovative bike — there are a lot of bikes out there now, but I feel this is the coolest bike because the motors are hidden, people really don’t know. There are bikes that are pretty bulky, and they look like electric bikes — this doesn’t look like an electric bike.”

Catch Michael riding to shows all over Wildwood on his Babymaker.

“I have my drummer and bass player showing up to our gigs riding Harley’s. I’m pulling up with the Babymaker,” he says.

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