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1st Babymaker Out!- Frank Picks up a Beta

Mar 22, 2020

1st Babymaker Out!- Frank Picks up a Beta

Campaign Update

The first few days of The Babymaker launch have been a wild success, and we are so grateful for all of your support!
If you have yet to check out our campaign, click here to head over to Indiegogo and see what all the hype is about!


Frank Picks up His Beta


Frank dropped by FLX San Diego HQ during the launch day party to pick up his Babymaker Beta. Shop manager Axel took a break from the party to make sure Frank's Babymaker got an assembly job worthy of the FLX logo. 

Frank Casara Babymaker First Ride

Here's what Frank had to say-

Frank Casara Babymaker First Ride Review


And a quick video of his first ride!

Can't wait to see more from you as you get more saddle time Frank!

In other news-

Pete is hard at work finalizing details for the production plan. We're so excited to build this many beautiful bikes! 

We're polling riders about stretch goals now. 
A stretch goal is an item we unlock for purchase when we hit a certain funding amount. (Like 2M, 3M, 5M...)
It should be something that does not affect current SKUs or orders. Ideally shipping separate from the bike.
We've been watching the comments and have some in mind but would love to hear more of your ideas! If you have any requests for different accessories, please leave a comment on the campaign!
Support: If you're waiting on an email response from our support team, keep in mind they have a very full load at the moment and rest Saturday and Sunday. They'll work as quickly as possible to get back to you! Thank you for your patience.
Our support email is - not Pete or Rob's personal email, instagram, fb messenger etc. As much as we love to chat, 24 hours is nowhere near enough time for us to finish our daily workload. We've assembled a top notch support team so that Pete and I can focus on making this campaign run smoothly. Keeping focused on our roles and delivering the best for you is our #1 priority. Thank you!
We love you, 
Rob, Pete and Team FLX
P.S. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Babymaker family. If you have a moment, please share this campaign with your friends on facebook, or any other platform! You can press the share button on the campaign or just send the link -